Why Most People Prefer Dogs Over Cats

It’s not uncommon to enter a household and see a dog vying for your attention. It’s also common to see other homes with cats as their pet. But do the math and you’ll find out more homeowners prefer to take care of dogs instead of cats. Why is this the case?

Well, dogs provide more security for people because they can hinder any criminals from causing you harm. They are brave and can pose an immediate danger to these unwanted people. On the other hand, cats will just run away at the first sight of a burglar.

Furthermore, dogs are more affectionate and can easily be trained than cats. They can easily learn new tricks and are more effective in making more people happy than cats do.

This is not saying cats are a lesser kind of pet than dogs. In fact, the best way to summarize this is each person will always have a choice when it comes to their choice of pets. It just so happens more people choose dogs.